meet Erin Walsh, owner & designer

Solstice was conceived and developed during a period of transformation that culminated in new perspectives, passion and purpose. The process of self-awareness enabled me to delve inward, vacate my comfort zone and envision new pathways and pursuits to ultimately discover who, and where, I really wanted to be. Having worked in the corporate world for an extended length of time, I realized that particular path was not satisfying my overwhelming need for creativity and self-expression. Tapping into my creative source proved to be a meditative, therapeutic process that afforded a tremendous sense of fulfillment, tranquility and of feeling aligned with my purpose. The more I designed and created, the more I realized just how essential creativity is to my soul.

My creative process is fueled by my deep connection to nature and my love for combining organic elements with modern form. The textures, intricate details and effortless beauty of our natural environment are a constant source of inspiration for my designs and for my life. My simpler, more relaxed way of living is reflected in my designs. I strive to create thoughtful pieces that promote a peaceful living space and a beautiful, casual aesthetic.

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